John McGeachen

Here are the true facts about the Fluoride Ion (F-)

fluoride ionMay i say that, from the start, that all facts are true, by definition.  Stating this, can i say from the start. that the, F-, is the F-, no matter where it comes from- Rubble from a Quarry, or Rocks from the side of a Mountain.

fluoride ion

The Oral images, seen above, are of course-should is say of course – meant to be dramatic, by this they could be Beauty and the Beast.

The Halogens

The Halogens are a group of natural elements, which are known as the “Salt Formers” Also they readily form acids, the hydrophilic acids (HF, HCI, HBr and HI)

This is Fluorine-In its natural state, it is the most active of all the Elements. Of course it is never seen it it’s natural state due to the activity of this element. It ‘loves’ metals, especially the alkalis.

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