Knox College

Knox Col frontKnox College is on a hill in Opoho, North Dunedin. It was built in1909 and of course had a lot of Scottish influence. It was a very imposing building, and to say the least , photogenic, with a quadrangle at the back..Two storeys and an attic, and a superattic.Then there was Ross Chapel. Attendance was compulsory, weekly at least. The internal architecture of the Chapel was basic. I lived on the first floor in 1953–the attics in 1954–1955. There was an initation ceremony in the first two weeks. This in my day took the form of a type of concert, where some of the older students were “sent up” by the new boys. The reason for the concert was that in the recent past there had been a few incidents which were there were a few students had been put in some danger by some unruly antics. At Knox there were students from most of the faculties of Otago University –from Medicine to Dentistry, Law etc. etc.

The accommodation was great, but the plumbing was of some distant time. When there was more than one having a shower, in the bathroom–that had three units –you had to call out “hot on”- “cold off” and vice versa, to let the other “showerers” know that the temperature was going to change—in a hurry.

The meals were of a good fare and you were not allowed to go to breakfast in your pyjamas!! The lunchtime meal meant that students had to come from the Uni. to the college, which was quite a hike. This meant that nearly all of us had a bike for the daily trips to and from the faculties. To releave the monotony of College life and the study routine, every few months there would be a water fight–inside the building– where water would be flowing everywhere, even done the stairways–cleaning up was half the fun. Contract Bridge was played by many students– I learnt to play, but did not play that often–of course bridge is a pastime where you are always learning, some fours played every night for weeks on end. Studying, of course was the main activity at night. Spending up to four hours and more.

In 1956 it was up to a flat at 310 York Place, Knox College was revisited in 2009 for the Centennary.

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